Wednesday, April 7, 2010

lesson & repertoire

A quick post before dashing off to my reserved 7:30 AM practice time. I'll probably be late, but no one else is insane enough to show up at this hour to practice, so I'm never in danger of losing my room.

I have a lesson today. I'm playing Les Adieux for Petitto. Not only am I underprepared, she's expecting me to play a different Beethoven sonata. *gulp* But I think it will be okay. This is the toughest work I am playing for her. The A minor English suite and Chopin's B-flat minor scherzo are the other two. They come much more naturally under my fingers.

I have never seriously tackled such a large volume of repertoire at once before (when you include the pieces I am playing for other classes), but I've finally worked out a reasonable approach to my practice time so I can be better prepared. And I've been compelled to acknowledge to myself that I simply can never afford to skip out on practice time itself. So, no more chess club when reserved practice time is scheduled.

I have a scholarship competition at the end of the month, and I'm planning to play the scherzo and the first movement of the suite. Finding more time to focus on those two is going to be imperative, so I am not delving into further movements of the Beethoven or Bach beyond the first of each until after the competition.

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