Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The consensus of the studio class was that my Bach was too loud too often, and that when I wanted to bring something out, particularly in the left hand, I did not quiet the other hand enough. Also, entrances of the theme were not as strikingly articulated as the opening. I hesitated twice. I was focused more on staying alive than more fine considerations. I don't recall any general criticism of the Chopin that was as concrete. Specifically, Petitto mentioned that my ritard in the retransition was too sudden; it must be more gradual. Ritardando not ritenuto.

I didn't practice after the class at all yesterday. I have a killer new toothache and the accompanying headache I get with it, but I have to say that excuse is inadequate: I could still find time when the pain is not as severe to sit at the keyboard, and I can alternate that with periods of rest. I did wake up at 3 AM thinking of the Bach, so that does show that I am practicing a bit more lately, but that needs to be a regular habit, not just a flurry of activity before a deadline. I am not going to practice right now because it is 3 AM, but my current promise to myself is to get working at 9 AM. Hopefully I will not be asleep again at that time.

My cat, Evie, has an appointment with a groom at 12:30 PM, so I need to plan today's practice around that. I know cats - especially indoor cats - don't really need a regular bath, but Carol, my fiancee, likes the fluffiness of her fur after a visit to the salon.

I can hear the dryer of one of the other building's residents buzzing literally once a minute. That person seriously needs to be slapped upside the head.

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